Monday, May 16, 2011

Vamplets: Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review Vamplets.

Vamplets are baby Vampyres that appeal to children and adults alike. I was like a kid in a candy store when the box finally arrived! I couldn't wait to open the box and see them in person! I had been drooling over the website for what seemed like forever. And I must say, I was not disappointed!

If you are like me, and into everything vampire, you will love Vamplets. They are extremely soft and cuddly. And made of a very sturdy material.

There are 6 baby vampyres.

Burton Creepson Jr.

Artistic, moody, dark and tormented. A true artist. Burton finger paints with blood. Cover all furniture, walls and personal possessions. Hide all extra bottles of blood as a is his artistic medium of choice. Be warned if deprived of artistic outlet he will go into a deep depression. If deep depression occurs and you are unable to find him look in the nearest belfry tower, dark place or where bats might roost. You'll find him there! Burton Creepson Jr. is 8.5 inches tall.

Cadaverson Nightshade

He is an inventor and never utters a sound. Always too busy thinking and scheming up new ways to frighten others. Cadaverson's constantly taking apart things to create new inventions. Lock up all TVs, computers, MP3 players and anything you might value as a precaution! If aforementioned items stop functioning due to disassembly a big time-out is needed. Let him play with his spider. If his pet spider has no effect on his creative destruction of your personal property have a cage available. Lock him up immediately! Release upon hiding your remaining valuable possessions. Cadaverson Nightshade is 8-3/4 inches tall.

Count Vlad Von Gloom

He is descended from a direct line that dates back to Count Dracula. Therefore he is arrogant...he's royalty after all! He is never full when fed. Keep a full warm bottle of blood handy at all times. This is a warning! Vlad is totally fussy about his appearance. A stray drop of blood on his diaper can cause a tantrum. If a tantrum occurs quickly place him on his bed of nails. This is a favorite among his many torture device playthings. Count Vlad Von Gloom is 8 inches tall.

Evilyn Nocturna

She is slightly off and a bit mad. This is due to her visionary powers. She can see the future, has visions and waking dreams. Since she is psychic she can guess your every move. This is a warning! Full body armor is suggested at all times for she would rather take a sip from you than her bottle. She tends to sleepwalk. You must lock her securely in her coffin before each sunrise thus preventing her destruction by the sun's harmful rays. Evilyn Nocturna is 8.5 inches tall.

Lily Rose Shadowlyn

She is surprisingly well behaved for a baby Vampyre. She plays well and shares with others, not a trait normally found in Vamplets. Although Lily Rose is sweet she has a dark side. She will smile and hug you then bite you thinking nothing is wrong with that. If she appears exceptionally sweet and careful when approaching her! She can fly into fits of rage when denied her hugs and "Vampyre kisses" which can be lethal! At all times have on hand a jar of Poison Black Apple Sauce...unsweetened. This is her favorite treat and should calm her down immediately. Lily Rose Shadowlyn is 10 inches tall.

Midnight Mori

She is bossy and wants her way. A true baby Vampyre leader. Never tell her no! You will regret it. Midnight is aggressive, constantly annoyed, restless. She does not like to stay put nor sleep. Have a pretty pink stuffed pony or unicorn on hand at all times. If a state of restless aggression occurs place the aforementioned stuffed toy in front of her. She will instantly become terrified and immobile. This will keep her in her crib until she can be safely tucked into her coffin where she will rest during the day! Midnight Mori is 9.5 inches tall.

You can also buy accessories for your Vamplet. For instance, a BLOOD BOTTLE! How adorably genius is that?!

You should definitely check out the website. Which you can find here. It is very interactive and extremely fun! It is easy to navigate and a very enjoyable experience. To be quite honest, my favorite part of the website is the eerie lullaby music that plays when you are on the home page. It suits the Vamplets perfectly and it is a brilliant touch! I love it!

Vamplets are very reasonably priced. At $16.95 for the Vamplet alone and $19.95 including a coffin, I say they are very affordable.

Shipping was extremely fast. I believe it took 3 business days to reach me. Which is very nice if you are impatient like me. :)

I'll also include pictures of the Vamplets that were sent to me. I also received buttons (available on the website) and blood bottles!

Burton Creepson Jr.

Midnight Mori

All in all, I am addicted to Vamplets! I can't wait to collect them all! Please check them out!

Thank you so much to the Vamplet team for letting me do this review! Your products are amazing!

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